Tall Rounded Beeswax Candle

Tall Rounded Beeswax Candle


The candles are made using the maker's own moulds. Turned by hand, on lathe using locally sourced beech. A mould is then created using this form from eco-friendly silicone. Both the beeswax and hemp wick are organic.


Beeswax burns cleaner and with less soot, while releasing negative ions that neutralise particles from air pollutants.


Hemp uses four times less water than cotton to grow. For every tonne of hemp produced, 1.63 tonnes of carbon are removed from the air.



For best results in candle stick holders, melt the bottom of the candles then place in the holder securely.



Height and width may vary



Pre - order only :


3 - 4 week delivery time with delivery directly from the maker




  • beeswax & hemp wick


    Ø 2.5 x h 28.7 cm  


    pre - order only ; 3 - 4 week delivery time, directly from the maker