Side Plate

Side Plate


This is a hand built piece in dark clay, with a glaze on its upper surface, while the underside and edge lip is left raw.

  • Ø 18 x h 1 cm

    dishwasher safe, but handwash is recommended

    oven safe up to around 150 C degrees


  • Faber Ceramics is currently setting up his own studio in Frome, Somerset together with his partner (Only for Today), where they are joining the creative community Maker's Yard.

    Fabio grew up in a small Italian village where he enjoyed and explored the surrounding natural landscape, which very much inspires his work today - resulting in organic lines and earthy tones.                                      Fabio lets the clay speak of its pure qualities and thereby stay connected with its origin. 

    He uses the traditional Japanese technique Kurinuki, handbuilding the pieces by carving them out from blocks of clay.