Seva Platter & Bowls

Seva Platter & Bowls


The Seva ('to serve') set is inspired by the Indian ‘masala dabba’ or Indian spice box.


The set is hand turned in Sheesham wood, an indigenous and sustainably sourced Indian hardwood and finsihed in a natural beeswax.

The Platter also functions as a lid for the large bowl.




  • small bowls

    Ø 9.8 x h 3.7 cm | Ø 12.7 x h 3.7 cm |  Ø 15.1 x h 3.7 cm 

    large bowl

    Ø 31.7 x h 5 cm


    Ø 33 x h 1.8 cm


    wood turned Sheesham wood (Indian Rosewood) & natural wax finish